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General Support

The Dharma Center of Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion / Tashi Gomang Dharma Center provides teachings, retreats, rituals, and ceremonies in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The Compassion Education Center of DGCEC / TGDC provides opportunities to learn engaged compassion, take steps toward a peace-filled mind, experience deeper kindness, tolerance and nonviolence in our personal lives, and to enter into intentional care for all in the world around us. 

We become whole and healthy people, more fully human, when we expand our inner self, train our mind to be calm, and by cultivating a compassionate, altruistic life attitude. This path transcends religious traditions and cultural differences.

When His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama blessed the center on May 19, 2013, he challenged us to expand to a center of education that teaches universal human values – “secular ethics” as he calls it – which is the philosophy of compassion from a non-religious perspective. This provides the foundation of his formula for world peace: compassionate engagement, altruistic living, and fostering interfaith understanding.

Financial Gifts

Your kind donation makes it possible for the everyday operation of DGCEC/TGDC.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, all financial donations are tax deductible.  Please make checks payable to “Drepung Gomang Institute” or “DGI” (our incorporation name) and mail to the center or leave in the donation box located outside the shrine room.

It is an honored tradition for students to offer donations to their teachers as well.  And while such gifts given to the Geshes are not tax deductible, they are deeply appreciated to help with personal expenses.

In-Kind Donations

Donations of fruit or flowers are always welcome for our Shrine Room.  Gifts of food, toilet paper, eco-friendly cleaning supplies and other items noted in our newsletter are deeply appreciated as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  In an intentional effort to care for our Planet Home, we use cloth napkins, washable cups, utensils, and plates.  Therefore, we do not need throw-away items or bottled water.

Other in-kind donations may be welcome as well, but please inquire about need before donating items.


Kindly Click Here To Make Your Donation

Supporting Vision 2020: Seeing Compassion Everywhere


Vision 2020 is a three-year effort, launched in November 2017, to raise $225,000 to enable DGCEC to expand not only our retreats, classes, transformative processes, and nonviolence efforts, but to retire our building debt. With an additional $75,000 pledged or received each of the three years we will be able to hire another staff person to assist us in our compassion-building work and to make substantial mortgage principal payments. 

Believers in our vision have already committed to $123,000 of our $225,000 goal.  You can help us achieve this Vision 2020!  Donate HERE, by check, through our website, or by phone.

Join us as DGCEC is becoming the first in the region to offer the nationally recognized transformative process called Compassion Cultivating Training – building healthy compassion muscles and inner peace.

Help us so that we might inspire more young people about the possibility and reality of nonviolent conflict resolution through our Empowered Young Leaders Engaging Nonviolence Symposium.

Be a supporter of new regional retreats and DGCEC’s Nonviolent Compassionate Louisville initiative.

We can see clearly that DGCEC’s growth benefits the community.  Please join our Vision 2020 perspective!