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Sunday, Sept 17 (4:30pm): Growing Love in Tibet – Impact for Tibet Through Service and Engagement

Event Start Date:September 17, 2017Event End Date:September 17, 2017Event Venue: Read More »

Friday (6:30-8:15pm) The Practice of Compassion in Buddhism with Tenam

Event Start Date:September 8, 2017Event End Date:September 22, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

Monday (6-7pm): A Taste of Mindful Self-Compassion with Pamela Cotton, PhD

Event Start Date:August 28, 2017Event End Date:August 28, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

Friday (5:30-8pm): Tibetan Momos and Movie Night! (6:30pm): A Visit to Drepung Gomang Monastery through Images and Stories

Event Start Date:August 25, 2017Event End Date:August 25, 2017Event Venue: Read More »

Saturday (3:30pm) & Sunday (10:00am): Main Prayer Book Chants and Meditation led by Geshe Sonam

Event Start Date:August 12, 2017Event End Date:August 13, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

Saturday and Sunday – No regular classes!

Event Start Date:September 2, 2017Event End Date:September 3, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

Tibet’s significance for our world (3:30-5:00pm)

Event Start Date:July 22, 2017Event End Date:July 22, 2017Event Venue: Read More »

Traditional Tibetan Arts Workshop (10-12 noon)

Event Start Date:July 22, 2017Event End Date:July 22, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

Tibetan cultural performance and dinner (6-8pm)

Event Start Date:July 21, 2017Event End Date:July 21, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »

His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s 82nd birthday celebration – Interfaith Prayers and Fire puja (No regular Class)

Event Start Date:July 8, 2017Event End Date:July 8, 2017Event Venue:DGCEC Read More »