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Prayers and Offerings



Shrine Room Offerings

Flowers and fruit are auspicious offerings that are welcome at any time for the shrine room.


Requesting a Tea Puja (Tinchol) For Your Intention

The Tea Puja service is an integral part of Tibetan Buddhist practice as assistance in time of need.

“For greater world peace, welfare of countries, communities and families or individuals, whatever needs and aspirations they have, big or small; the tea puja can help,” Geshe Rapgyal explains: “A student preparing for exams, or a traveler going abroad, a family moving into a new home, can be helped by having a tea puja offered for blessings and cutting through obstacles, for example. In another way, it is also beneficial in times of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, famine, plagues, and wars.”


Please approach Geshe Rapgyal with your request or email [email protected] Geshela will offer prayers in response to the request. It is customary to express your gratitude by offering a donation in an amount you can afford. $10 - $20 is typical for a small ceremony, and a more generous donation would be appropriate for a more extensive ceremony.


Following a Death or Commemorating the 49th Day

Prayers, rituals, and ceremonies can be arranged with Geshe Rapgyal or Anne following the death of a loved one. Please send your inquiry to [email protected]