Latest News
  • A Warm Welcome From Geshe Kalsang Rapgyal

    Executive Director of Drepung Gomang Center For Engaging Compassion - Louisville's Tibetan Buddhist & Compassion Education Center

  • Louisville's Center for Tibetan Buddhism

    Experience weekly Tibetan Buddhist teachings, meditation & special ceremonies in the tranquil setting of the Tashi Gomang Dharma Center Shrine Room

  • The Drepung Gomang Monastery

    We are the North American Seat of Drepung Gomang Monastery in Southern India... home to over 2000 monks

  • Sacred Arts Tour

    Host & national coordinator for the touring Drepung Gomang Monks as they promote compassion & Tibetan culture throughout the USA

  • Interfaith Dialogue & Peacemaking

    Promoting a pathway to peace and understanding between cultures and religious traditions

  • Helping Preserve The Endangered Tibetan Culture

    Working to raise awareness and support the fragile existence of Tibet

  • Compassion Education Center

    Offering classes in Compassion Engagement, Mind Training, Earth Reverence and Nonviolence Education for our Louisville community