24 Hour Vigil for Nonviolence

24 Hour
Vigil for Nonviolence


October 1, Noon
to Noon, October 2

Drepung Gomang
Center for Engaging Compassion
411 N. Hubbards Lane, 40207

Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.

~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Nonviolence is not a cloistered virtue to be practiced by the individual for his peace and final salvation, but it is a rule of conduct for society. To practice nonviolence in mundane matters is to know its true value. It is to bring heaven upon earth.

~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

I consider non-violence to be compassion in action. It doesn’t mean weakness, cowering in fear, or simply doing nothing. It is to act without violence, motivated by compassion, recognizing the rights of others.

~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

We all know that violence – whether gun related, at school, work, in the home, or in our own words and minds – must be addressed on all levels from all parts of our community. Violence is truly a public health issue for all of us.

Non-harm or nonviolence lies at the heart of the meaning of compassion. We individuals, banded together, can grow a compassionate city by meeting the issues around violence in whatever way we have the gifts or will to use.

You are invited to stay alert, explore and guard the intention of non-harm, be attentive to wisdom and the path toward nonviolence. During this 24 hour period come to DGCEC – or keep it in your workplace, house of worship or home – and be attentive.

Hear the words and songs of Great Peacemakers from around the world, from profound religious traditions, and from secular teachers. Set aside time to reflect on this wisdom, how you can transform your own violent thoughts, words and actions, and the steps we might take toward transforming our community one heart at a time.

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Participating organizations include: The Guest House, VOA Freedom House, Passionist Earth & Spirit Center, Compassionate Louisville, St. Francis Elementary School, Interfaith Paths to Peace, St. William Church, JustFaith Ministries, Metta Center for Nonviolence, Peace Education Program and many friends of DGCEC.

To sponsor one of the 24 hours contact Anne Walter at DGCEC: 502-614-5616 or [email protected]. Info: www.DrepungGomangUSA.org.


To sponsor one of the 24 hours contact Anne Walter at DGCEC: 502-614-5616 or
[email protected]. Info: www.DrepungGomangUSA.org.

This 24 Hour Vigil for Nonviolence, created by Drepung Gomang Center for Engaging Compassion, is part of

Twelve Days Toward Peace, 2015

(Sept 21, International Day of Peace –Oct 2, International Day of Nonviolence).

Join us for other Twelve Days activities:

International Day of Peace Celebration

(Mon., Sept 21, 6:30 – 7:30pm, DGCEC),

Community Meditation for Nonviolence

(Wed, Sept 23 & 30, 7 – 8pm, DGCEC)

International Day of Nonviolence Gathering

(Fri, Oct 2, Noon – 1pm at the base of Big Four Walking Bridge, downtown).