Beautiful heartfelt memories from Monk's visit!

My monk friends….. by Lisa

May 28, 2015 at 10:25am

My monk friends arrived back in India last night and….my feelings are all over the place.

I remember the time I spent with that particular group at their home, learning their culture, their lives and preparing them in some small way for America.

I remember the time they spent here in my home. The immense impact they had on my family, friends and community; imprinting my mind forever the joy and peace I felt in their presence. I cannot put into words how honored I felt to have them here. To have had them root in their purity and childlike views before our eyes. It was very humbling. Their genuinity in embracing every moment of their interactions with us was a telltale sign that I had done the right thing by seeing their monastery and soaking up their heart.

Being in America was a way of spreading their culture and emanating their values. They had a fun time here but are glad to be back to their Sangha, to see and explore what has happened in their country while they were gone. They have chosen a life of peace. Their religion is peace, structure, devotion and dedication. One would assume they would want to be here, and they did. They dove right in with little understanding of our ways. They managed well, kept up, continued their devotion and settled wherever they were sent.

Being back in India, I would assume, however, is a relief for them. To be back in their studies. To continue on their path of liberation and self exploration. To fully devote themselves to the Dalai Lama and their religion of Peace. They will continue to pray for Nepal and the surrounding countries that were affected by the earthquakes. They may even go to help rebuild and restore old temples and monasteries that were

destroyed. Their nature is to lead chest forward into situations, helping the fellow Being. No questions asked. No hesitation. No care about what others think about them.

I am thrilled they are home back with their family; not living out of suitcases any
longer. I am, however, sad to know that they will be merged into their larger community of close to 2000 monks. In my small mind, their individuality, will be gone. For, should I visit India again, they will not be ‘the group coming to America’. They will be blended in as one monastic force exhibiting the values of Buddhism. Working together, praying together, and studying together.

So I sit here with the very real feel of pain and sadness, with the memories of their attitudes and love. I sit with it all fully and just feel. I don’t want to block out the emotions. I want to be like them, fully open and present to whatever life has to
offer, just as they taught me. I love my my monk friends so very much; just as I love you all.

Thankfully technology makes us able to try and communicate through the these vast programs and applications, however, nothings beats in person translation, complication and presence…

I look forward to the next wave of monks that visit our community. Om Mani Padme Hum..


Lisa, although I have never met you in person, you have expressed my feelings perfectly. I have tears in my eyes as I read this! I hope to travel to India in the next couple of years to experience the monastery, the culture, to grow Spiritually, and meet the young monk I sponsored . Thank you for sharing!! – Mary


Thank you for writing that. Many many of us have been blessed with the monks. Tissues needed here, too! – Jan


They touched more lives than they will ever know. I am eternally grateful for their presence here in Myrtle Beach. It was a most humbling and moving experience to be with them and one I will never forget. – Tere


Beautiful piece! My heart swells with love and respect for them. heart emoticon.

– Catherine

Lisa, I have gone through much the same thing when I hosted the monks from a few different monasteries from 2000 through 2006. Every tour was different and every tour was wonderful and I loved every one of the monks like family. May be even too much as I felt a huge hole in my heart as each group left. The first group of monks I hosted literally saved my life as I had just lost everything and didn’t want to continue with this life. The kindness and unconditional love they showed me gave me the comfort I so desperately needed and I began to focus all my efforts on finding the peace they seem to possess. There is a calming energy that pervades the space wherever the monks travel and I think it is something we all crave and therefore we gravitate toward the monks as the source but in truth we also have the capability to create this peace if we find it within ourselves to let go of our attachments and devote ourselves to the inner work required.The monks are here as beacons of light to show us what is possible. – Risha