Twelve Days Toward Peace

Twelve Days Toward Peace 2020

September 21 to October 2

Join community members for DGCEC’s sixth annual effort to raise awareness about nonviolence as an essential way of living. In this challenging time where institutionalized violence in policing and negative national rhetoric highlights the need for racial justice and respect for each person, we offer opportunities for expanding understanding.

International Day of Peace: Monday, Sept 21 – Mark this day by joining our Morning Practice for Nonviolence at 7:30am or our Compassion and Gratitude Nonviolence Tools Workshop at 11am

Morning Practice for Nonviolence: Daily, 7:30am, Zoom

“Compassion and Gratitude” Nonviolence Tools Workshop with Anne Walter: Monday, September 21, 11am – 12pm, Zoom, $10 donation suggested or Free if unable

“The Art of Listening Well” Nonviolence Tools Workshop with Cory Lockhart:  Tuesday, September 22, 11am – 12pm, Zoom, Free for students or $10 donation suggested

12 Hour Vigil for Nonviolence: Wednesday, September 23, 8am to 8pm with the beginning of each hour marked by prayer; LIVE:

Louisville’s Arms of Compassion: Friday, September 25, 12 – 12:30pm, Zoom ([email protected] for the link)

“The Buddhist Practice of Non-Harm” Nonviolence Tools Workshop with Geshe Rapgyal: Saturday, September 26, 10am, Zoom, Free but a $10 donation appreciated

Twice Daily Prayer for Nonviolence: Weekdays, 10am and 4:30pm (Live

Peacemakers Walk:  Read about great practitioners of nonviolence on the display on DGCEC’s Front Lawn, all 12 Days (park near the street at the front of the center’s property and walk there)

Peacemakers to Light the Path: Reflections about the lives and wisdom of great nonviolence practitioners, one each day to inspire you:

“Righteous Anger and Seeking Restoration” Nonviolence Tools Workshop with Nicole Y. Ward: Thursday, October 1, 7- 8pm, Zoom, $10 donation suggested or Free

“Racial Justice, Nonviolence, and the Wisdom of Great Peacemakers: Speaking to Today’s Challenges through the Teachings of Dr. King, Mahatma Gandhi, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama”: Friday, October 2, 10 – 11:30am, Zoom, $10 donation or Free