Opening of new Compassion Center and Upcoming Khen Rinpoche's Special Teachings!


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for our Compassion Education Center

Venerable Khen Rinpoche Yonten Dhamchoe, the Abbot of Drepung Gomang Monastery, and Chanzoe Geshe Khonchuk Gyatso, head of the Monastery’s Planning Commission, arrived on the 18th. Khen Rinpoche and Mayor Greg Fischer lead our Compassion Education Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Engaging Compassion Day, Tuesday, May 19th. Interfaith leaders shared a blessing from their tradition and over 130 people participated in the event.


2015 ENGAGING COMPASSION AWARD presented to Mayor Fischer!

DGCEC gave Mayor Greg Fischer this auspicious recognition on Engaging Compassion Day 2015. In 2013 DGI, CIR and Compassionate Louisville gave His Holiness the Dalai Lama the first of these awards. We honor Mayor Fischer for his commitment to generating the most compassionate community possible. Since the months prior to his election in 2010, his mind-set, speeches, his policies and his actions have been a witness to the people of Louisville Metro to do all the good one can, responding to fellow residents who are in need. The actual physical award was created at the Monastery in the style of a Tibetan Buddhist Thangka. Thank you, Mayor Fischer!

May 23, Sat (Special Program with Khen Rinpoche)
11:00 – 2:00pmLong life prayer for HHDL, Fire Puja, Hanging Prayer Flags. With Khen Rinpoche and monks, we will accumulate prayers and mantras as requested by Office of Tibet.
Hand-out prayers in both Tibetan and English will be distributed.

Prayers in Tibetan Language Only:

List of Shabrim from Department of Religion and Culture, CTA
Shabrim Prayer in Tibetan Language
Sangsol Prayer Book in Tibetan Language

Prayers in English language with phonetic Tibetan transliteration:

Mantra of Buddha of Compassion 
Truth of the Sound of the Drum Prayer
Praiseto 17 Nalanda Masters Prayers 
The Praise of Twenty Tara (English translation and transliteration)

May 24, Sun (Special Program with Khen Rinpoche)
4:00 am – 6:00 – Special Teaching by Khen Rinpoche on “Generating a Loving Life: Engaging Bodhichitta Mind.”

May 30, Sat (Special Program with Khen Rinpoche)
3:00 – 5:30pm – Khen Rinpoche teaching on “Calm Abiding Meditation.”

May 31, Sun (Special Program with Khen Rinpoche)
10:00 am – 12:00 – Khen Rinpoche teaching on “Guru Yoga Practices of Lama Tsongkhapa-The Hundreds of Deities of Joyful Land.”
The Hundreds of Deities of the Land of Joy (Text)

June 2, Tuesday (Special Program with Khen Rinpoche)
(Auspicious day – 15th day of fourth month of Tibetan lunar calendar
(Saka Dawa Full Moon Day) Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment, Passing away Day

6:00 – 7:30am – Giving of Refuge Vow and Eight Mahayana Precepts by Khen Rinpoche. (Refuge vow is for those who wants to become Buddhist practitioner. Eight Mahayana Precepts are maintained only for 12 hours. Please read following info before attending this ceremony!
Refuge Vow Ceremony
Eight Mahayana Precepts

7:00 – 8:30 pmTsok Offering prayers by monks to celebrate auspicious day. Although recitation of chantings will be in Tibetan, but you can participate by bringing materials in English.
Guru Puja Offering Prayer Book