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sacred arts tour2The Latest News From The Monks of The Drepung Gomang Monastery Sacred Arts Tour


DGCEC is the host organization of the Drepung Gomang Sacred Arts Tours.  As noted by the Drepung Gomang Monastery, their purpose is four-fold,:

  • To make a contribution to world healing and peace by sharing unique Tibetan Buddhist teachings, sacred religious performances, chanting, and Tibet’s unique identity and treasures of culture and authentic traditions.
  • To offer prayer with all:  “Recognizing well, and very deeply, that there have been great tragedies in every part of the world, we want to share our sympathy and prayers together with you as human beings sharing this planet and sharing the future of this home of ours.”
  • To generate a greater awareness of the endangered Tibetan civilization and human rights abuses by the Communist Chinese since 1959. As the situation in Tibet is becoming more desperate by the day, due to massive displacement of Tibetans by Chinese citizens sent there by the Communist government, and ever new rules and difficulties, especially at the monasteries, we need your help now.
  • To raise support for the refugee monks’ community in south India for proper food, improvement in health and hygiene and for providing better education facilities for the monk students.

To schedule a visit by the Drepung Gomang Sacred Arts Tour, please contact National Coordinator Sue Simone, at [email protected]Sand Mandala Slider

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