Saka Dawa practice Invitation

Special Saka Dawa Invitation to Practice Non-Harm, May 26 – June 24

You are invited to take part in this special opportunity to generate greater compassion and loving-kindness in our community. Rangrigkyi Warmatsang, and other Tibetans living in Dayton, OH, invite you to observe non-harm for the month of Saka Dawa by refraining from eating meat and by offering a donation toward a special meal in June for around 300 homeless people of Dayton (please see the full explanation below).

Donations and your commitment to eat no meat from May 26 – June 24 may be sent to DGCEC, 411 N. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, 40207 (memo: for the Saka Dawa meal). If you cannot make a donation but want to pledge to observe this non-harm commitment during the sacred month of Saka Dawa, please let us know at [email protected]. Thank you so much!

Tibetan Saka Dawa Charity
Though the Buddha’s enlightened activities are countless, 12 enlightened activities including enlightenment and teaching the sublime truth are popularly accounted in Buddhist tradition. Especially enlightened activities such as being birthed, getting enlightened and passing away all happened on the full moon of Saka Dawa or 15th day of fourth month of Tibetan Lunar Calendar. It is considered a day of triple enlightened activities of the Buddha. As the scholars in the past said, the merits earned during Saka Dawa would multiply a hundred thousands times. Buddhists all around the world consider this month as month of doing virtuous actions. As the Buddha said “Do no evil, practice only good, purify your mind, this is the Buddha Dharma,” the nectar of Buddhism is to train one’s own mind to eliminate the cause of evil and do positive actions through three channels of mind, body and speech.

Through the void of not harming others, we try to act positively including, no killing, no stealing, no lying, no sexual misconducts, etc. In order to earn merit, with love and compassion to help others, we use the mind training tools to practice giving, patience, meditation, and taking the vow of refraining from 10 evil deeds to eliminate ignorance.

The Saka Dawa Tradition
Saka Dawa tradition is not only an occasion for the Tibetans to practice and continue the unique tradition of doing merit through mind, body and speech as an example to our younger generations, but also a valuable method to create a peaceful world. By practicing love, compassion, reciting the mantra of the Buddha and prayer of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, doing prostration, circumambulation, making donations, giving respect to the monasteries and monks, and especially refraining from eating non-vegetarian food for the month of Saka Dawa.

Events of Saka Dawa Charity
Since 2016, Saka Dawa Charity has been asking people to do positive deeds in this month, and through donations from 16 Tibetans, we offered one-day vegetarian meal to125 homeless people in Dayton. This year, we are determined to offer vegetarian food to 250 – 300 homeless people. Contributions of any amount to cover the expenses in feeding the homeless will be greatly appreciated.

I am strongly encouraging all of you, your friends and family to join with me in making this an even bigger and more successful event. It is my goal that this will become an annual charity event and that it will continue to grow and prosper.

In addition, I am inviting you to join me and my family in observing the traditions listed above. I am encouraging us, as a Tibetan Community and our friends and family who would like to participate with us, to refrain from eating meat for the whole Saka Dawa month which begins on May 26 and ends on June 24.

We are going to create a list of people who promise to go for vegetarian diet during the month of Saka Dawa, and present it to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his blessings. We will dedicate the merit earned from this work to the happiness of all sentient beings, freedom in Tibet, long life of all spiritual leaders and especially for His Holiness Dalai Lama’s longevity and works.

Rangrigkyi Warmatsang, Dayton