Prayer Held on the Full Moon



DGCEC’s Geshes offer these prayers as a gift to the community and world. 


The full moon is considered an auspicious day in the Tibetan calendar for re-commitment to one’s practice. 


Each month’s ritual, usually held from 5-6:30pm (check time closer to the event) on the evening of the full moon, focuses on a particular meditational deity.  All are invited to meditation, recite mantras, and to offer a dedication “to ease the suffering for all sentient beings.”


2019 Schedule


January 21, Monday Great Feast Offering of Chenrezig

February 19, Tuesday Eight Medicine Buddha Ritual

March 21, Thursday Great Fulfillment Petition of Dharma Protector Palden Lhamo and Dorjee Youdon Ma

April 19, Friday Eight Great Aspiration Prayers

May 18, Saturday Great Appreciation Prayer for Chenrezig with short ritual

June 17, Monday Great Appreciation Prayer for the Buddha of Compassion, honoring the conception, passing, and enlightenment of Buddha Shakyamuni

July 16, Tuesday Guru Puja Ritual and Fire Puja also marking Universal Prayer Day

August 15, Sunday Eight Medicine Buddha Ritual

September 13, Friday Eight Great Aspiration Prayers

October 13, Saturday Green Tara Ritual with Tsok

November 12, Tuesday Great Fulfillment Petition of Mahakala

December 12, Saturday Great Feast Offering of Lama Tsongkhapa