Compassion Center News

Summer time opportunities for Mind and Heart expansion

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Free Classes Starting At The Compassion Education Center

Find out what DGCEC has to offer by signing up for one of these free introductory sessions?   What if YOU could build compassion in our community? This little compassion education center is helping everyday neighbors do just that – around compassion, nonviolence, mindfulness, and care for our Earth – based on universal human values just like the Dalai Lama ... Read More »

The Self-Care Solution: Becoming Your Own Best Friend with Harry Pickens Tuesday, May 9 6:30 – 8:30pm

Why is it that so many of us who so easily express compassion for others have such a difficult time treating ourselves with the same kindness and caring? Why do we tend to believe that self-compassion equals weakness, or narcissism, or that putting ourselves last is somehow the virtuous and spiritual choice? Tonight, Harry will share key lessons he learned ... Read More »

Upcoming Events

MOMO DINNER AND MOVIE NIGHT! Join us for a Tibetan Momo Dinner then watch together “Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion”, an extraordinary documentary about the near-destruction of an enlightened 1,700-year-old culture, the incredible suffering of a violated people, and the spiritual survival of hope in the hearts of those who believe that one day they will be able to ... Read More »

Ways to Help Tibet

Ways to Save/Support Tibet Tibet Lobby Day – to urge the U.S. Congress to support concrete actions to solve the Tibet crisis and support Tibetans in their effort to protect their culture, religion and identity International Campaign for Tibet International Tibet Network is a coalition of more than 190 Tibet organizations, campaigning for an end to human rights ... Read More »

Feng Shui Workshop, with Will LeStrange (DGCEC’s Interior Designer) “Change Your Space – Change Your Life!

Discover how Feng Shui can help you and your home Your surroundings affect the way you think, feel, and behave. Your home is a mirror of you, your inner life, and your values. If you wish to change some part of your life, then it makes sense to support that process by changing your environment too! How does Feng Shui ... Read More »

Embodying Compassion – Living By The Light of Our True Self with The Dalai Lama’s Translator – Gerardo Abboud November 18-20

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ENGAGING WONDER, A CHRISTIAN PATH TO WHOLENESS with Joe Grant: 3 Thursdays, Sept 15, 22, 29, 7:00 – 8:30pm

The ancient Wisdom tradition within Christianity offers insights and practices to help us draw the world of crying need and awesome complexity into our heart and center. Join us to explore one of the portals for broadening and deepening our lives through the embrace and practice of astonishment and awe. Come experience how wonder widens our hearts and open our ... Read More »

TWELVE DAYS TOWARD PEACE 2016, September 21 to October 2

Twelve Days Toward Peace 2016 September 21, International Day of Peace to October 2, International Day of Nonviolence Compassion, that desire to take action to end the suffering of another, is rooted in non-harm/nonviolence. When we want happiness for another, based on understanding our own desire to avoid suffering, we put aside all thoughts of harm. We individuals, banded together, ... Read More »

DYNAMIC NONVIOLENCE: STUDYING PEACE FOR LIVING with Cory Lockhart: 8 Wednesdays, 4:30 – 6:30pm, Oct 12 – Dec 7 (no class the day before Thanksgiving)

Dynamic Nonviolence: Studying Peace is based on a program developed by renowned peacemaker Colman McCarthy and taught to more than 5,000 high school, college and graduate students since 1982. In this 8-week process delve into the practice of nonviolence as a central component of compassionate living. Enjoy 15 pages of reading per session, in the words of great peacemakers including ... Read More »